lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Palmeral en al exposición fotográfica de Carlos Balsalobre

(Fotografía capturada por Carlos Balsalobre, en la exposición de La Lonja del Pescado).

   This morning, Saturday, October 4, I approached the municipal exhibition halls of 'La Lonja del Pecado' (Alicante) to see the photographic exhibition of Carlos Balsalobre, thinking that it was one more than the usual, but nothing more enter something gave me a spark in the knee as when you change the time, I don't know what those intuitions that one has when something strikes us and flash there was I in front of 8 works that made me to belittle. Firstly the size of photographs, all are of large-format, the first that I contemplated playing was like a collage of green color resembling papers glued, is 100 x 150 cm...

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  1. Ver y creer lo que hace una cámara de fotos,cuando el jinete es un gran conductor de imágenes.